Bala Shark Food

Bala Sharks are omnivores and they are not picky eaters. They will eat pretty much any type of food you throw in the aquarium, but the key is a varied diet. They will eat pellets, flakes and live food. You may notice that if you change the diet of your bala sharks their colors may become more defined (shinier silver, darker black) or they may bleach out a bit. My theory is that the foods that make their colors more defined are foods that provide them with all the nutrients they need so they are healthier and more vibrant.

You can feed them freeze-dried bloodworms (watch out though, many humans are allergic to blood worms. If you develop a rash after handling bloodworms donít use them anymore or wear gloves) and tubifex. Make sure to include foods that contain plant matter. They will also eat any food that falls to bottom of the aquarium, so they can be thought of as the clean up crew (Bala Sharks also help to keep the aquarium clear of algae). They will eat brine shrimp and guppies.

The natural diet of the Bala Shark consists of insects, insect larvae, rotifers, phytoplankton and tiny crustaceans.

You can find Bala Shark food at any pet store where aquariums are sold and they employees may be able to give you further guidance.

You may also notice that your Bala Sharks click when they eat, sometimes the clicking can be very loud and upsetting until you find out where itís coming from.

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