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Bala Shark Tankmates

It is important to know which fish go together when populating your aquarium. If they donít get along you may end up with fish disappearing over night or fish that stay in hiding all the time and you never get to see them. Bala Sharks fit well into a community of peaceful fish, although they may get aggressive if you donít care for your bala sharks properly. Some fish that bala sharks get along with include, but are not limited to:

  1. Angel fish
  2. Gouramis
  3. Barbs (including the tinfoil barb)
  4. Rainbow fish
  5. Guppies (smaller ones)
  6. Spiny eels
  7. Danios
  8. Tetras (when the balas are full-grown they may eat the small tetras, like the neon tetra)
  9. Clown loach schools

Note: The only Three Bala Sharksreason they will eat smaller fish when they are full grown is because the smaller fish can fit in their mouths. Itís one of those cases where just because you do it doesnít make it a good idea, but Bala Sharks do it anyways. Itís something to keep in mind.

You may also want to consider which types of plants the Bala Shark feels comfortable around, they include:

  1. Vallisneria
  2. Sagittarius
  3. Plastic plants (are better than none at all)

It is also good to know which bala shark tankmates may not be the best choice.

  1. Red tailed black sharks (very territorial)
  2. African Cichlids
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